Review – Is a Scam? Review – Is a Scam?



 - The review shows that this site is the home of the no reserve bid. It is an auction website in which registration is free to everyone. I checked out the FAQ section which is masked as the Help section and could not find anything about selling on the site. 


All the questions that were addressed were addressed to buyers not to sellers so either one of two things is happening here 1. sellers don't have questions 2. no one sells on the site. offers bid bucks as an incentive for bidding. The redemption process was just to complex to figure out in one sitting it involved getting 5% of the lost bids back in bid bucks and they could only be used in the next calendar month. It was a lot to absorb. 


The site is easy to use navigation was a breeze. I was a bit disappointed in what was being offered for auction. I checked out the jewelry listings and frankly it was all trash. They over inflated the value by hundreds of dollars. For example a 18K gold over Sterling purple CZ heart was estimated to be worth $400, honestly I have seen the exact duplicate of what was being offered at a local discount store for $10. If you’re someone looking for a deal online, you may want to use a service like


I wanted to be fair before I trashed talked this site too much so I checked out the Home Goods section and found that it was the same junk there. How about a 3 piece nail clipper set that is valued at $82.99 (are you kidding me) up for auction, you can pop in any drugstore and get a set for around $5. 


My Biggest Problem 


Ultimately there is one problem with this site that outweighs all the others. The contact information. There is a customer service number listed so I rang it up just to see how things would pan out and see if I could find a redeeming quality about this site and low and behold no one answered!! I was met with an endless loop of push this number and push that number over and over. 


Overall, the review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however you may have better luck finding a deal online using a service like  






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