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 - The review shows that this is a website that is mostly dedicated to real estate auctions. The website presents itself as the “global leader” in real estate auctions. The website is a bit unique in that you can find quite a few online auctions for property where most sites of this type only grant you information about physical auctions. While this seems like a good site to find a good deal on real estate, it is not as popular as


This website is geared toward the general public and real estate professionals. There is a live chat feature that was unavailable when I visited which I thought odd because it was during normal business hours.




There is no fee to register as a bidder although a valid credit or debit card is required at the time of registration to verify identity. As a broker there are some fees but finding the fee schedule was difficult.


To complete registration and to start bidding you have to make a good faith deposit either by credit card or by cash wired into an escrow account. You also have to provide proof of funds either in the form or a letter from a lender stating how much you are approved to finance or by providing proof of cash on hand.


The deposit is returned if you are not the winning bidder. If you are the winning bidder the deposit is kept and put toward the winning bid amount.


There is also a buyers premium of 5% paid by the winning bidder.




There seemed to be quite a few properties that were up for auction but only a small handful that had the online bidding option. It would seem that you would have to catch things just right if you were looking for property to bid on online in a specific area but if you were a little flexible you really could save thousands of dollars.


The overall vibe of this site is that the average Joe is not bidding here. It is more for the investor that is more open to buying properties that are not necessarily available in one specific area.




The website looks professional and seems easy to use. I could not find any contact information to reach the company that owns the site. I could not reach any chat agent and I could not find even an email address although the site states that they are available to provide direction or answer questions.


I personally do not like doing business with anyone that I can not reach but again this site seems like it is more geared toward the real estate investor than it is toward the average home buyer.


I looked around for consumer reviews and was not surprised that I could not find any. This is definitely a site that is not on the average users radar.


If you are looking for investment property at a discount this site may be worth a look.


Subscription Price: $0

Number of Items: 100's

Geographical: Nationwide


Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam but not as popular as






































Best Live Penny Auction Websites  


Finding the best live penny auction websites takes a bit of detective work. There are so many sites to choose from. So many new sites have cropped up in the last few years. As penny auctions have gained momentum the websites have come up with new ways to bring interest to their websites. Make sure to read the reviews to see if it is an scam.  


The best live penny auction websites are geared toward bringing the most excitement to the users as possible. You can also be guaranteed that you will find a  

 lot of great freebies as well.  


Some Great Freebies 


The best live penny auction websites offer freebies to help you get started. These freebies can come in the form of free bids and they can also come in the form of rebates. In some cases you will be able to be compensated in the form of being able to use your used bids as partial payment for items in the web store. By reading the reviews, you will know if this is an scam or not. 


A lot of the best live penny auction sites are free to join and free to browse. This is a great opportunity to be able to shop around and take a look at the site to see if you find anything that you like. The reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. 


Saving Money and Having Fun 


Saving money is always important but having fun and saving money is just perfect. At the best live penny auction web sites you will know you have arrived because it will be fun and there will be tons of deals.  


Some of the Best Websites 


These live penny auction websites are considered best because they meet all the criteria. They offer free bids, they offer some sore of rebate and they are fun to use.  


There are some other great websites you can check out as well. 


The list is really endless when it comes to choices. You will be able to find the best penny auction websites simply by checking a few out and seeing which works for you.  



The best penny auction websites are sites that offer bids for free, are easy to use and offer great deals. As a user you should look for sites that offer the most giveaways, in some cases you can earn rewards in the form of earning bids.  


Live penny auctions are great fun and using the best live penny auction websites will only enhance the fun.  


According to sources, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not considered an scam. 






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