Auctions With Out Reserves


Auctions With Out Reserves  


Auctions with out reserves are the best kind of auctions. A reserve that is set an auction means that the item requires a certain monetary limit to be met before it can be sold. I don’t like auctions with reserves because they are tricky. Probably the best place to find these types of auctions is


Think of it this way when you hit up an auction and you start bidding on an item it may say that there is a reserve that has to be met, but ultimately that reserve is never disclosed. So there you are bidding away happily winning way ahead of the pack and bam you are hit with at the end of the day “reserve not met”. What a time waster!  


No Reserve  


No Reserve or auctions without reserves are like music to my ears. When there is no reserve it means literally that you can win that auction for one dollar if no one else is bidding and zero is the beginning bid.  


It opens a whole world of possibilities. It means that you can save money on wanted items like you can save no where else. They are exciting and fun to participate in!  


Auctions without reserves can be a bit hard to find for luxury items, vehicles and even some electronics. Typically auctions without reserves are coming from a company not a person.  


Most people gauge the items that they are auctioning off to be far more valuable then they actually are and put reserves on their items. I understand it to mean that the person really did not want to auction the item off that they wanted to sell it outright and hoped that they could get more money than they actually wanted for the item by going to auction with it.  


Art, Collectibles and Other High End Items 


Typically auctions without reserve are not going to be found for certain items. Items that have a value that is well known placed on them always will have a reserve. For example a valuable piece of art or a baseball card that is valuable or much sort after will always have a reserve.  


Most antiques and estate jewelry is going to be auctioned with a reserve which is actually quite sad since auctions without reserve offer a much better chance of the item being sold.  


Bottom Line  


If you really want to save some cash than search for auctions without reserve. You can save a lot of time in your search by using a service like









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