Beezid Reviews – Is a Scam


Beezid Reviews – Is a Scam? 


 - The Beezid reviews show that this is a penny auction site that is quickly growing in popularity thanks to a huge television campaign advertising the website. There are several offers available that will allows you to receive five free bids. While this site seems legit, I was not able to find the deals on big ticket items like I could find at Auction Resource.


Like all penny auction sites, you have to buy bids before you actually ever bid. The cost of the bids are $.60-$.90 depending on the bid pack that you purchase. The more bids you purchase at one time the less expensive they are.



How it Works


To start with you have to register. To register you must have a valid email account and you must be 18. Somewhere along the line if you plan on participating in the auctions than you must also have either a valid debit or credit card so you can purchase bids.


Once you are registered you can start bidding.



My Experience


I saw the commercial and decided to try.  I used my five free bids immediately.  Literally in three minutes they were gone. I purchased a small bid pack for $24.95 and in around 10 minutes those were gone.


Suffice to say I left empty handed.



The Lure


The lure is clear on you are offered items sometimes at very deep discounts. They advertise televisions that were had for 99% off. It is intriguing but not very realistic. Although the fan base is there most folks have not been able to relish in the rewards.



Site Facts


The Beezid reviews show that the site is very easy to navigate and reverberates with excitement. The FAQ page skirts the fact that you have to pay for bids up front, but does address the fact. The contact information is comprehensive with a toll free number, a physical address and a web form that you can fill out.



Consumer Reviews


Other consumers seemed to have had similar experiences as mine at for example at “It is great... for the owners. It is a rip-off for the users.” and “keep your money in your pocket…this site has nothing to do with pennies, you can lose hundreds in less than a day of bidding”. Not very flattering comments by any means.


There are some bargains here, of course not quite the bargains that are advertised but still some deals. I just not have been able to find any independent reviewers that have “won” anything. All the reviews that are done by independent folks seem to skew greatly to the negative.


Subscription: $0 you pay for bids.

Geography: Nationwide

Number Of Items: hundreds - mostly bid packs


Click here to view the consumers #1 rated auction site 


Overall, the Beezid reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however lacks some of the big ticket items that you could find at a site like Auction Resource.






































Legit penny auction sites are sites that are highly rated by consumers as a place where winning is a real possibility. The fact that there even has to be a discussion about legit penny auction sites indicates that there are sites that are not legit. Before bidding, you should check out the beezid reviews to find out if it is a beezid scam. 


Recognizing a legit site from a not so legit site for a new user may be a bit difficult. They all seem legit when you first arrive but there are flags that will be raised when you start looking around. 


There are certain things that you need to look for to be able to recognize whether a site is legit or not. 


The Flags 


Most legit penny auction sites will have contact information for customer service. That contact information should include a phone number and a physical address for the companies headquarters. Make sure to read the complete beezid reviews to find out if is a scam or not. 


Be weary of a website that only offers an online form to fill out for contact. This can be a huge flag if the company is not willing to disclose their contact information. 


Finding many unfavorable reviews about a website may also be a strong indication that the site may not be legit. The reviews you should be looking for are not reviews of people complaining that they did not win but reviews that indicate that they did win and never received the item they won or did receive it and it was defective. 


Also look for independent reviews from consumers that indicate that they have unusual credit card charges from the company that they did not expect, or that they requested that membership was cancelled but they are still being charged. 

Read the complete Beezid reviews to learn if it is a beezid scam. 


What Legit Penny Auction Sites Offer 


You can easily recognize a legit penny auction site because they offer certain information up that is easily located. That information includes a terms of service agreement, company contact information, clear directions for site use and typically legit penny auction sites Do Not charge any type of membership fees. 


Legit penny auction sites are well stocked with high end items. Many of the sites that are not legit do not offer high end items and if they do they are far and few in between. 


The legit sites have positive reviews for reliability and customer service. People tend to leave positive reviews even if they have not won if they feel like customer service was helpful and they had a real chance at winning. 


Penny auction sites are great fun! They can really save you some money but you need to make sure that you wind up at one of the many legit penny auction sites that are available.   


Check out the complete beezid reviews to know if beezid is a viable site or a scam. 


Popular Penny Auction Sites  


Popular penny auction sites are sites that are well known for bringing the best bargains to the table. These popular penny auction sites have been in business long enough to establish a following but to also develop a positive reputation among the online community. You should read the complete beezid reviews to find out if this penny auction site is a beezid scam or not. 


Many of the popular penny auction sites are sites that offer freebies and strong customer support. The popular penny auction sites have great advertising campaigns that reach many different people and encourages them to check things out. 


Building Popular Penny Auction Sites 


Building popular penny auction sites takes money. Just about any site that has reached the level of popularity that means big profits did so because the site was well laid out and done professionally. Most of the smaller sites that did not have the capital to invest in them fail. 


People like flash and they like to avoid technical problems. Typically sites that have not had a lot of money invested into them don't offer the flash or the technical experience that people want. 


Many of the popular penny auction sites started out at the top of their game because they were able to flood the market with the idea that their site was the best. Through online marketing and some traditional marketing some sites opened up at the top of the list and were very popular options before they even  had been in business for a year. Check out the entire beezid reviews to know for sure if this is a scam or not. 


Some Popular Options 


Here are some popular options, you have probably already heard of them thanks to their top of the line marketing campaign. 


All of the above have one thing in common they all used the internet and other media to advertise their sites. This has allowed them to grow exponentially in popularity. All of these sites also have one other thing in common a strong reputation for delivering what is promised. They offer great deals large stores of inventory and great customer service. 


Of course visiting the most popular site does not guarantee that you will win anything as a matter of fact it does not even up your chances of winning. As another matter of fact going to the most popular sites may actually decrease your chances of winning because there are more people there doing the same thing you are! 


Visiting the most popular penny auction sites does afford you the chance to visit a site that is not going to scam you! By reading the beezid reviews, you will know for sure if this site is a beezid scam or a legit site. 









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