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 - The review shows that this is a unique type of auction site. They auction off real estate and other high end items. This company has been in business since 1999 and is based out of    Silver Springs Maryland, it started out selling goods for the US Marshals service but has long since expanded to the private and other public sectors. While this is a good site, it lacks some of the deals that you could find at a site like Auction Resource.


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The Bid4assets review shows that there is a buyers premium of 10% which is tacked on to the winning bid. The premium can get quite expensive I would assume given that some of the items are quite high. This is an interesting site and I guess because the items are so high end (real estate, collectables and the like) the process of joining, buying and selling (mostly selling) can be a bit daunting.


There is a lengthy process that sellers have to go through before the items that they list are released for auction. I found a very disturbing lengthy complaint from a consumer listed on that conveyed one consumers disturbing tryst with This consumer was very frustrated by the process when he tried to list a couple of items on the website to auction off. He had to submit proof that he owned the two pieces of art that he was listing, and even after doing so he was contacted several times over by each time requiring more and more information.


The review shows that this site is affiliated with and require that their sellers open an account with the folks. runs a credit check on new clients, this can be somewhat problematic for some people.


Generally speaking the website is well laid out and the day that I visited they had some interesting items listed. I tried in vain to find recently won auctions but could not, most of the auctions that were running had at least two days ahead of them before they ended, I might check back to see how much that gulf shores home sold for, but I certainly don’t have two days to sit around waiting.


There are some positive reviews out there about


“ is legitimate, but is under used. The bid4assets site is hard to use for the seller and buyer.” and offers the following tidbit when asked whether the site was legitimate “No sign-up fees or recurring subscription fees is a great advantage for bargain-shoppers at Watch out, though, since there is a buyer’s premium added to all winning bids of 10% or $25, whichever is higher.”


Overall this seems like a good site to visit to purchase high ticket items and save some money.


Subscription Price: $0 but there are sellers fees and a 10% buyers premium tacked on to each sale.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Hundreds

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Click Here to View the #1 Rated Auction Site


Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam.



















Popular Penny Auction Sites   


There are quite a few popular penny auction sites. The real question is what makes these sites more popular than other penny auction sites. There are actually a few things that are a driving force when it comes to the penny auction phenomena. Make sure to check out the bid4assets reviews to find out if it is a bid4assets scam. 


Popular penny auction sites are usually the sites that offer the most opportunities to win. Clearly winning is a huge driving force behind which site reaches that popular status but it is not the only force at work here. 




Some of the most popular penny auction sites are popular not because of what they offer consumers but because they receive a lot of buzz. Now whether that buzz is created by satisfied consumers or whether the company itself is behind the buzz can be debated. Read the bid4assets review to find out if this site is a bid4assets scam. 


A lot of the most popular penny auction sites are popular because their name is recognizable thanks to forward thinking catchy advertising campaigns. The more a site is advertised the more traffic there will be associated with the site. In many cases people hit up a site just because through advertising the name is familiar. 


A lot of penny auction sites pay people to write up positive reviews to get your attention. The bid4assets reviews show that bid4assets is not a scam. 


Genuine Buzz 


Some of the most popular penny auction sites are popular because people are excited to tell other people about the sites. They have won something that they think is a great deal and they pass the word on. The next guy feels like winning is possible and they start visiting on the regular and the site becomes popular! 


Great Giveaways 


By far the most popular penny auction sites become popular because they offer great giveaways. Some sites offer free bids as a sign up bonus and some offer ways to redeem lost bids through a buy it now option or a special site store where the bids can be used. 


Some of the Most Popular 


Here are some of the most popular penny auction websites: 


These sites are the most popular because of a combination of the above factors. These sites only represent a small portion of the most popular sites which are far too numerous to list. 


You can choose from any of these sites to visit one of the most popular penny auction sites. 


Penny auctions are a huge trend right now and the list of popular sites will continue to expand as more and more people find that they can save money and get great items way below cost. The bid4assets review is a must read to find out if it is a bid4assets scam. 







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