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 - The reviews show that this is a penny auction site that like all the other penny auctions requires that you purchase bids before you begin bidding. This means that you will spend money to potentially win anything. While there are deals to be had on these penny auction sites, they lack the deals on big ticket items that you could find at a site like Auction Resource


Penny auctions seem like a great idea and they seem like they would offer great deals. In fact they do offer great deals but they have a reputation of being very difficult to win.  




Like most penny auction sites, offers a few really great items and many gift cards and bid packs for auction. Basically the really great items that they offer are very competitive auctions.  


The reviews show that there were things like Iphones and Ipads but there were not many offered and there were not many other things being offered other than gift cards and some small electronics.  




The Bidhere review shows that this site charges $.60 per bid. This is actually quite a reasonable cost for this type of auction. There is no fee to register, and they do offer a buy it now option which is a nice option.  


The buy it now option offers an opportunity to recycle your bids. Which is not typical of the penny auctions. In most cases you lose your money if you do not win. At you can take the bids that you have made and apply them to the purchase price of the item and choose to buy the item out right if you lose the auction. This is a great opportunity to potentially win the item at a reduced rate but still be able to buy the item at a somewhat lower cost if you do not win it at the reduced price. 


Site Facts 


The site is easy to navigate. There is contact information that is clearly listed and includes email options, toll free options and a physical address. The pages are well laid out and the FAQ page was informative.  


Consumer Reviews 


There were a few consumer reviews that were posted on various websites that were not very favorable. On trust the following comment was left “ is a fraudulent penny auction site that bids on its own auctions internally to increase the amount of money they are making. At least 10 times I have been bidding on auctions and have had the auction end immediately end right after I stop bidding. It's just not possible for this to be the case on so many instances”. I could find no favorable reviews.  



Subscription Price: $0 you have to buy bids 

Geography: Worldwide 

Number of Items: Maybe 100 


Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you can find at a site like Auction Resource




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