Bids4cheap Review – Is a Scam


Bids4cheap Review – Is a Scam?  


 - The review shows that this is yet another Penny Auction website. The good news is the bids are really cheap! Thirty cents each which is one of the lowest prices I have ever come across. The price of the bids certainly is intriguing. This does seem like a decent site but not as popular as


I decided to take a look around and was sorely disappointed by what I found. The majority of the items were for gift cards! I guess I should not really have been surprised but I was. It was more gift cards than I have ever seen in one place. 


Some Site Information 


The website is easy to navigate. It is a bit weird though because the auctions are only from 2pm -2 am Tuesday through Saturday. There was a toll free number posted and I gave it a ring but no one answered it was not yet 2 pm EST so that would explain the no answer, but there was no answering service, voice mail or answering machine either which sent up a bit of a flag. 


Shipping is free. That is pretty amazing but I guess how much can it cost to ship gift cards? Under the FAQ page someone asked what hours of operation did keep and the answer kind of blew me away since I had just called- 24hours a day seven days a week. Hmm someone ain't doing their job if they are open 24/7. 


Important Information 


This site has only been up and running for little over a year. The folks are very active in online forums and discussions trying to improve their site. I have not found anything negative about this site and would say offhand that it is not a scam. 


If you are in it for the big wins, this is not the site to hit up. There are no big ticket items. I think the biggest item that was coming up for auction was an IPOD. Maybe over time the website will be able to add more inventory, but my best guess tells me if they add more inventory than they will also increase the cost of the bids. 


It is a fun site and it is pretty cheap so if you are looking to score some gift cards at a discount and maybe a Netflix membership this is the place for you. 




There is not a lot to say  about there is not a lot of merchandise their hours are limited but the bids are cheap. It could actually be a great place to start for someone that is knew to the Penny Auction scene. 


It couldn't hurt to look around. This site is relatively harmless easy to use and would be a great first site to cut those Penny Auction baby teeth on! 


Subscription: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


Overall, the Bids4cheap review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as  





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