Bigdeal Review – Is a Scam


Bigdeal Review – Is a Scam?  


The Bigdeal review shows that this is yet another penny auction site. Penny auctions, in case you are not familiar, require that you buy bids to participate in the auction. The bids at are $.75 per bid which in the penny auction world is right around the medium price. While this appears to be a legit site, it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you can find at a site like Auction Resource.


You buy the bids in bid packs that range in price, like most sites the more you buy the less the cost of the bid pack. The bid packs range from packs of 30 through packs of 300.  



Refund Policy 


The Bigdeal review shows that the bid packs are not refundable. This means if you use any portion of the bid pack at any auction you will not have the remainder of the bid pack refunded. It also means once you buy the bid pack it is yours. You can use the bids for up to 365 days.  


There is a unique feature which seems to be catching on with other like sites. offers loyalty rewards, which are like cyber dollars. For every bid you buy you get $1 in loyalty rewards, which can be used to get “great discounts” at the loyalty rewards store.  


Another nice feature we discovered while doing the Bigdeal review, is the buy it now feature. Let’s say you have bid up all that you can and you lose. You can still buy the product you have been bidding on at a discount and your bids will go toward the total price.  



Site Facts  


The website is easy to navigate. There is an FAQ page that is informative. The contacts page is non existent there is an address that is provided on the landing page. There are two tab options under the physical address one is for registered users which I would imagine would disclose more contact information? Maybe? The other tab is for folks that are just looking, I was just looking so I clicked on this option and was brought to a web form that requested my email address and had a space to type in a question.  



The Goods 


Like other penny auction sites there are some really great items but by far what you have mostly is bid packs!  When I visited I saw some cameras some designer hand bags and a few other high end items but I would say roughly 60% of the site was devoted to selling their own bid packs which folks were bidding on furiously.  


This is an easy site to navigate. The bids are medium priced and if penny auctions are your thing you may want to drop by for a little while and browse around.  



Subscription: $0 you pay for bids.  

Geography: Nationwide 

Number Of Items: hundreds - mostly bid packs 


Overall, the Bigdeal review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you could find at a site like Auction Resource



































Penny Auction Sites with Free Bids  


Everyone loves free! Penny auction sites with free bids are simply divine. Getting free bids are the perfect way to get into the penny auction scene without having to invest any money! You will want to read the Bigdeal review to find out if it is indeed a bigdeal scam. 


Most penny auction sites offer some sort of free bids to new members. You can use these free bids to bid on bid packs and win more bids! Penny auction sites with free bids are abundant and are a huge opportunity for new players.  


Why Do They Do It? 


Clearly the reason that penny auction sites with free bids are out there is so that you can take a trial run on the site and see how much fun it is. There are many penny auction sites with free bids to choose from.  


A short list includes: 









With over one thousand sites to choose from it is no surprise that you will find lists that are hundred names long for penny auction sites with free bids. Read the complete review to find out if bigdeal is a scam or not. 


Use Your Bids Wisely 


Once you get your free bids, use them wisely. That means hang on to them. Use them to bid on other bid packs. Many of the same sites that offer free bids also offer special auctions that include bid packs for new members and for people that have never once anything on the site.  


You can use your free bids to gain some more free bids and use those bids to win some big ticket items. Just because they are free does not mean you should waste them.  


Free Bids and More 


Many of the sites listed offer free bids and other free perks. You can expand your free base of items at some sites. Some of the sites offer free bids for referring friends. You can find sites that offer free bids and offer a way to recoup your lost bids.  


Taking advantage of these penny auction sties with free bids is a great way to get in on the action. You can find plenty of ways to play for virtually free and not have to worry about lost money!  


Penny auction website with free bids can easily be found by doing a simple web search. You can register at more than one site so that you can take advantage of all of the offerings and increase your potential of winning.  


Read the comprehensive Bigdeal reviews to find out if is a scam or not. 







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