Review – Is Car-Auction a Scam? Review – Is Car-Auction a Scam?




 - The review shows this is an auction site that sells memberships, so that they can send you to online car auction sites. This is not immediately disclosed, but after visiting the FAQ page it dawned on me that this is what the site is all about. One of the questions is “Does have any thing to do with buying or selling?” the answer was no. This seems like a legit site but lacks compared to Auction Resource.



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The membership fee is very reasonable, and might be worth a try, although losing any amount of money is usually not the goal. There are three different types of membership plans that range from $14.99 to $24.99 there are also two add on options each for $9.99 so if you went for the top tier option at $24.99 and opted for the two add on options than you would be paying almost $50, but if you opted for the lower tier option at $14.99 and did not go for the up sale, than it would not be too expensive, the catch is that you really can not enjoy your membership fully without the two up sale options, so in reality the cheapest membership is $24.99 not $14.99.


I did consider joining because I really do need to find an affordable car.

Overall the site was easy to navigate, because first off there was not too much to navigate through, everything and anything that you clicked on took you back to the membership page. There were no testimonials from other members, and the navigation tabs consisted of only a few options, Terms and Conditions, Affiliates, Home and Support.  The most informative tab took you to the affiliates information, which did have a contact email!



Subscription Price: $24.99   VIP Unlimited Repo Auction, $19.99  Repo Auction (2yr), $14.99 (1yr)

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Listings: Unknown



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I would say that the review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam, however, there are many other auction sites to choose from.







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