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 - The review shows this website is an a subscription site for folks to join and learn where there are auto auctions in their local area. They state that their membership packages “grants the members access to local auctions”, I am not sure what that means because it is not actually explained anywhere on the site. If you are new to the auction game this website is a bit foggy on the details. Seems like a legit site but not as good as Auction Resource.



I hit up the FAQ page with the hopes that some of my questions would be addressed on the page, but there were only 6 or 7 questions that were posted, and they were all relevant to joining the website and to be frank the answers were a bit vague.  I could not find the information that I was after.


I did figure out that they had three different membership packages that they offered all of course at a different rate.  The membership fees are not too high, and they do offer a 56 day money back guarantee which I thought a bit odd because 56 days is a little different than what most guarantee terms are.


They do have a search engine, where you can enter the type and make of the car that you are looking for.  I searched for a Ford Sports Car and a list of potential cars popped up, the amount of the bid was hyperlinked and when you clicked on it, you were taken to the start your membership page.


I could not figure out exactly what you get for your membership, because it seemed like for each level of membership you were getting the same thing. I am not sure if you actually bid on the site, or if you go to the auction to bid, because one package the full auction service package, offered unlimited access to unlimited vehicles, while the cheapest package offered only limited access to limited vehicles. This was a bit confusing, because if you go the auction you have access to all the vehicles at the auction, but if you are bidding online than that would make a bit more sense.


The FAQS did address the online VS in person auction question although it was vague, basically it stated that some auctions were online and some auctions were in person, so again my question about the Full Auction membership and the Limited Auction membership. It was generally confusing.


You do get three books with your paid membership, of course if you don’t have an interest in the books than that really wouldn’t matter.



Subscription Prices:

Ÿ         Full Service Auction- $49.88

Ÿ         Seasonal Auction Service-$39.99

Ÿ         Limited Auction Service-$29.99


Geography: Nationwide

Number of Listings: Unknown without paid membership.



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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam.




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