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 - The review shows a website that is dedicated to providing auction information. The cost of the membership is reasonable at $34.95, although the only thing you get for the membership is a list of local auctions. This seems like a good way to save time when looking for an auction but not as good as Auction Resource. There is also a four day, three night vacation that is offered as well. Of course the vacation is to a time share offer spot so it is not a free vacation, it is a few days of high pressure sales tactics, where you will have to sit through presentations and try to be sold into a vacation club that you probably can not afford.



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Back to the website, it is well laid out and somewhat informative, unless you have a question that is not addressed in the FAQ section, which is a bit sparse. The questions that are listed do not address membership questions nor do they address any questions besides the what and why’s of buying a car at an auction. Questions like “why doesn’t everyone go to  auctions to get their cars?” are answered with sales pitches and pretty much that sums up the FAQ page.


There is a testimonial page that listed 6 testimonials, there is not a members area and the only contact information that is listed is an e form that you fill out and submit.  I don’t really like doing business with people I can not contact and have to wait for them to contact me. I personally prefer if I am going to pay you for something a phone number that I can reach you on.


The website was easy to navigate because there were not many pages to get around in. The main problem I have with this website is that it was not as informative as I would like it to be. It only offered up drips of information.


The membership price is very reasonable, well for this week only, or so it is posted. I would bet that next week if I visited the site the “special membership price” would be for that week only.


They do have a search engine where you can input the make of car that you are looking for along with your zip code and the results will be returned to give you an idea of what is available in your area. I live in a very, very rural area and was truly shocked to see a list populated that had over ten listings for the make vehicle I was looking for.  Two pages were returned and of course when I clicked next I was taken to the membership join page. 


I guess for some folks that want to pay a relatively low price to try something out, is a decent site.


Subscription Price: “This week only”  $34.95 -Regular price $99.95

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Listings: ?



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Overall, the review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam.






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