Copart Review – Is a Scam


Copart Review – Is a Scam? 





 - The review shows that this is a buying and selling site that is for automobiles and other vehicles. It is an interesting concept but it is a bit confusing. You can bid online for vehicles and if you are able to visit the Copart facility you can inspect the vehicles before bidding begins. It is actually quite an ingenious way to get rid of used cars the confusion comes in for me in the membership fees. Why would I pay you to buy a car from you? Aren't I already providing you a service by buying a car from you? While this does seem like a great way to find an automobile, there seems to be better deals available at


This is a membership site which means that there is a membership fee. Of course you can join for free but this only allows you to bid on vehicles up to $1000.00 to increase your bidding power you have to upgrade your membership to premier which costs (hang on to your hats) $200.00 plus a $400.00 deposit. The $400 deposit is refundable the $200 is the membership fee and is non refundable.


Sorry but that is a lot of cheddar to lay out on the outside chance that you will find something to bid on and than win that bid.


How It Works


As a buyer you need to register which requires a credit card which is used as proof of identity a valid email address and if you choose the premier membership $600.


As a seller you can sell your car to You simply fill out a request for quote form and someone will get back to you.


As a buyer once you win the auction you have two days to pay for and pick up the car.


Some Things I Like


I like the idea of getting a great deal on a car and doing it right from home.


Things I Don't Like


That membership fee of $200 and the $400 deposit hate it. I think that paying someone to buy a car from them is crazy. I also like the idea of buying a car as hassle free as possible, but it makes me a bit leery to think that I am buying something that I have never tested.


Overall Factors


This site is easy to navigate it has been in business for a long time which is a plus. You can inspect the vehicles before purchase – you can hire someone if you are not local to the facility. The cars are almost all cars from insurance situations ie; wrecks, recovered thefts and other insurance incidents.


This site is not a scam but you should proceed with caution. $200 is a lot to lose so you want to take a good look around before you commit to the premium membership.



Subscription: $200

Number of Items: Hundreds

Geographical Location: Nationwide


Overall, the Copart review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as for finding a deal on a vehicle.









































 Review – Is Copart a Legit Site or a Scam?  


What is The name really does not do this website justice. The Copart review shows that this is a well known name in car enthusiast circles. or copart in general has been around for awhile and at one point was considered one of the premier auto parts companies. still offers auto parts for sale but it also auctions off cars as well. There are several copart yards across the US where you can go and view the vehicles that are coming up for auction. Unlike other auction houses Copart only auctions off the vehicles that they own. 


Where Do the Vehicles Come From? 


The vehicles that sells largely come from insurance companies. These vehicles can have either very minor damage or have been totaled and are beyond repair. The later is rarely found on the site. Most of the vehicles fall somewhere in between. 


The vehicles that are sold on almost all have salvage titles. This means that in most of the cases you will find vehicles that will run and that need a little of work to perfect them. If you know anything about cars than may very well have something to offer you. 


The Process 


The Copart review shows that registration on is free and if you only want to buy one car than you do not have to opt in for the premier membership which will allow you to bid on more than car.  You do have to put up some money. 


You have to put a $400 deposit which can go toward the purchase of your first car, or that can be refunded if you do not buy anything. If you opt in for the premier membership than you will have to ante up $200 which is not refundable. 


So depending on whether you want to bid on more car or not to get started you can have to have available up to $600. 


Is it Worth It 


I have found an overwhelming number of positive reviews for this site. I would have to say that most people are happy with what they found on If you want to increase your chances of finding something that is worth the effort and you can not get to a copart yard yourself you may want to consider paying a local mechanic to go check things out for you. You can probably find someone for as little as fifty dollars that will take a look for you. It would be fifty dollars well spent. 



Subscription Price: $200 (possibly) 

Number of Items: 100's 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


Overall, the review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online. 





Penny Auction Tips  


Penny auctions can be a really great time. You can save some money and get into the spirit of competition. There are several tips that you can use to make sure your time on a penny auction site is fully enjoyable. You should check out the copart review to see if this is a copart scam.  


Penny auctions are a way to save hundreds of dollars on retail if you approach them the right way. A lot of people make the mistake of going overboard at the auction because they get so caught up in the competition and do not realize they are going way overboard on the price of the item.  


Here are a few tips to make sure you avoid some common pitfalls of the penny auction craze.  


Set a Budget 


One of the most important things you can do when you hit the penny auction circuit is to set a budget before ever placing that first bid. This can be a lot harder than it seems. It is very easy to get caught up in the action and not realize that you are spending more than you can afford. Make sure to read the copart reviews to find out if this site is a copart scam.  


Set a budget and stick to it. Use a prepaid card to purchase bids and once the money is gone it is gone. You can buy a prepaid Visa or Mastercard at most any convenience store, pharmacy or gas station. It is worth the trouble if you know you have a problem sticking to a budget.  


Don’t Over Pay  


Check out the item you are going to bid on at another retail site. Jot down the retail price on a sticky and stick it on the screen of your computer so you have a constant reminder of what the item you are bidding on is worth. Check out the copart review to see if is a scam.  


This is a big area that people err in. They get so excited about the potential win they don’t realize that they are going to pay hundreds of dollars more than they should. Yes it is a penny auction but no one is really bidding pennies. Do the math! Bids average around sixty cents for each one but are only worth one cent, so from the gate you are losing fifty nine cents on each bid. When an items posts as being sold for lets say $20.00 it is really 200 bids that won that item which means the item actually earned $120 which still may be a deal but not the kind of deal that $20 is.  


Shop Before you Bid  


Before you start bidding shop the site. This means you need to take a look around and see how other consumers are doing. You can use the information that you gather to predict how well you may do.  


Have fun but pay attention so you can save some money! Before bidding, read the copart reviews to see if this is a copart scam.  








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