Review – Is Dealdash a Scam Review – Is Dealdash a Scam? 


 - The review shows that this is penny Auction website. You can win items on this website for up to 99% below retail price according to the website. While there are deals to be had on these types of sites, we still prefer for deals on big ticket items. 


Like most penny auction sites you are required to buy bids or credits before you can begin bidding. This is common practice among Penny Auction sites. 


At the credits are sold at sixty cents each. To newbies this means each time the bid increases by one cent someone paid sixty cents for that credit. The sixty cent fee for credits is actually quite reasonable and is right around mid range for industry standards. 


There are some different things about this site, like how the timer works. Evidently according to the FAQ's the timer starts to reset at 10 second intervals once the item has reached ten dollars.  Any bids that you use during the bidding war are not wasted if you choose the buy it now option. All the bids can be applied to the purchase price of the item which is really a nice choice. Most penny auction sites do not offer this type of redemption for your credits or bids. 


This website has really been busy getting that advertising out there. There are nationwide commercials on television and a lot of buzz online. 


Dealdash Review - Is it A Scam?


This website is not a scam. A lot of people worry about online Penny Auctions scams. A lot of people that don't win at penny auctions than go on to claim that the site is a scam and this is how negative rumors get started. 


You have a fair chance of winning the item you are bidding on but like any other endeavor online you have to pay attention in other words go in with your eyes wide open. 


Contact Info 


The contact information contains a physical address but no phone number. The only way to contact the people that run things is to fill out an email form, which I don't like. I want to be able to call someone in case of a malfunction or if I don't get my stuff or for a host of other reasons. 


Big Downer uses facebook to authenticate your account and then posts all their comments on your wall. That is a downer and has kept me from joining the site. 


What Others Say 


At “  I did my research on and have found nothing negative about this site, I used it and had a blast.” “ I was ripped off by, I never got my stuff!!!Dealdash s****” This reviewer uses the handle iratebuyer. 




Not a scam but there are some unhappy users out there. Like anything else if you win you are happy if you lose your are not, the guy on did win but didn't get his stuff which prompted him to make a video. 


It may be worth the look they did have some good stuff but buyer beware! 



Subscription: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as  






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