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Farauctions.com Review – Is Farauctions a Scam


 - The Farauctions.com review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. There is no membership fee but this site has a lot of fees to charge. There is a onetime payment of $30 which is non-refundable. If you want to highlight your item, you will pay additional $5. If you want it to be featured in a specific category you need to pay $15. Now if you want to display your product in their main page that will be additional $30 for you. I find the fees overwhelming for sellers. It will be hard for them to pay a lot of fees without the assurance that their items will be sold. And with a lot of online auction sites offering free listings, I'm sure that they will choose free listings over paid ones. This seems like a viable site but not as good as Auction Resource.


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The website itself is not helpful. The company profile lacks all the essential information to attract buyers and sellers. It does not indicate the owners of the site or how they started in the business. These are very important components because clients are after the company's credibility. The FAQ section doesn't have any content. It is also not clear whether this auction site is limited to a specific location or if it is international. Based on the products, there are sellers from the U.S.A. and Ukraine so I assume it caters to the international market.

Questions can only be answered through their online form. Some users are not patient enough to send email and wait for replies. Having a phone number on the website will address their immediate needs.

In totality, I would say that this online auction site is very difficult to use. Facts and information are very hard to obtain. It is also hard to find feedbacks about this site even if you search from other sources. It lacks the information that will walk through the buyers and sellers regarding their business.

Subscription Price: There are no membership fees. There is a onetime non refundable $30.00 verification fee. Listing fees for stores are between $50-$100. The actual listing fee is around $1 for a simple listing, if you want to highlight the listing add $5 if you want to bold the listing add another $5 if you want the category feature option that will cost $15.

Number of Listings: 25 categories listed, each with its own subcategories

Geography: International

Types of Auctions: It is a typical auction where there is a starting price and buyers will make bids.

Customer Service: No number listed on the homepage. You can contact them by filling up their online form for questions/queries.

Bonuses: Not applicable

Free search: Allows free search but listing of items have different price (depends if it highlighted, featured in category or the homepage)

Auction tips and guides: Not applicable

Money Back guarantee: No warranty or guarantee

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Publisher Description

FarAuctions.com is a free online auctions site that offers Auto Auctions, Cars Auctions, House Auctions, Home Auctions, Property Auctions, Vehicle Auctions, Jewelry Auctions, Antique Auctions, Electronics Auctions and much more. Buy and Sell Items Online, Sell Products Online here on FarAuctions.com and you can sell house, sell books, Sell Cars, Sell Used Items and Sell New Items for Free on FarAuctions.com.

Customer feedback from other sites: No feedbacks obtain from the internet


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Overall, the Farauctions.com review shows that this is a decent site and is not a scam.





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