Review – Is a Scam? Review – Is a Scam?   


 - The review shows that this like many of the other foreclosure listing sites, offers a “free 7 day trial” which requires a credit card to take advantage of. The free trial is actually $1 just so that they can be sure that the credit card is valid and so that they know that they can start charging you the $9.95 weekly charge once the 7 days are up. While there are deals to be had here, people seem to like better for these types of deals.


It sounds like a pretty good deal except a lot of people have had a huge problem getting the automatic payments to stop. Keep in mind that your $9.95 is paying for convenience. One good thing is that you can try it risk free.


How It Works


Registration is simple enough you have to have a valid credit or debit card to register and a valid email account. Registration will give you access to properties in your area that are coming up to the auction block because of foreclosure.


There are no actual auctions held on the websites. Although the information that is provided on the website can save you hours of research but if you have the time the information is free.


Finding property in your area once you are registered is just a matter  of entering a zip code for the area that you are interested in.


You will still have to actually attend the auction in person.


Some Comments


Comments for this website are not very positive. As a matter of fact most of the information that was found is rather negative. Here is a sampling:


From “ I could not get them to stop taking my money. I called several times to cancel my subscription and each month the payment appeared on my credit card. This has been a waste of time and of money....(the rest of the language is not suitable for print).”


From (which I thought was suspect) “ consistently one of the most complete listings” and “not enough information provided”.


There were quite a few complaints listed on other consumer complaint sites that mostly sited the inability to get the automatic payments to stop.



If you are looking for a place to get a complete list of foreclosures in your area this may be that site. If you don't want to pay the fees be sure to cancel before the seven days are up!


This is not the site for you if you are a bit of a procrastinator you will wind up paying a bagful of money. However you can try it risk free. 


Subscription: $9.95 Weekly

Number of Items: Hundreds

Geographical Location: Nationwide


Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as












































Online penny auction sites are the latest craze to hit the internet. The online penny auction has become somewhat of an entertainment phenomenon. People everywhere are jumping in and saving a huge amount of cash on items that are high dollar. Before bidding at a penny auction, you should check out the review to find out if it is a scam. 


If you are looking for a great way to save some money and have some fun while you are doing it than the online penny auction sites that have cropped up everywhere in the last couple of years are for you!  


There are some critics out there that are complete buzz killers when it comes to the online penny auction. These critics complain that winning can be really difficult and that people are being duped left and right into spending more than retail just to win.  


It is true there are people that get carried away and wind up bidding up a storm just to win, but there are people that are level headed and take advantage of these great opportunities and are successful. Make sure to look at the review to know if is a scam. 


Can You Win 


A lot of skeptics wonder not so quietly what it takes to win at one of these sites. The answer is persistence. You have to be persistent to win at a penny auction. You have to be patient and willing to analyze the situation.  


These sites are very exciting and getting sucked in can be almost unavoidable but if you go in with a clear head and set your budget and stick to it you can win and save hundreds of dollars.  


The legit sites are not rigged in any way and offer everyone a fair opportunity to win. Winning has nothing to do with luck! Folks that win do so because they have honed their skills and have paid attention to other winners strategies.  


Things to Look For 


So you want to join the fun? Jumping right in is not recommended. The desire to win and the excitement can be hard to resist but the reality is if you want to win you have to be able to take your time.  Other sites that are popular can be found in the review to see if they are a scam.  


Look for sites that are well laid out and easy to use. Also look for sites that offer free bids to get you started. Online penny auction sites that offer clear instructions, freebies and that have a nice sized stock of items are best.  


Look for online penny auction sites that receive high independent consumer ratings!  


You can win at many of the online penny auction sites and you can have loads of fun doing it!   


Make sure to read the review to find out if this is a scam.  







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