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 - The review shows that this is a viable auction site and is not a scam. Gov-Auctions does not sell these vehicles themselves. They provide sources and links to auctions from the various government bodies that would take months to locate without this service. There are several different ways to search for the car you are looking for.


The cars that are listed are all pretty new looking cars, they are late model cars that have either been repossessed due to non payment by the original owner, or are available because the government has decided to sell off the vehicles.


Honestly when I stumbled across this site I thought “too good to be true” but the reality is, Gov-Auctions is hands down the best car site that I have ever come across. You can just about be guaranteed that you will find a car that you love and can afford on this website.  The cars are offered at way below “book value” and the savings are tremendous.


Membership opens up the door to finding not only cars and other items, but also will help you to find real property as well. You also get unlimited support which is a real plus. Using the member support area you will be able to have all your questions answered and get some tips and tricks as well which will really pay off when you start to bid. One good thing the review shows is that  there are no hidden fees for your purchases. Joining is easy, fill out the brief form enter your card information and you will be billed for your membership fees, and can start bidding almost immediately.


You will never pay more than what you win the auction for. Some sites have to mail you information by snail mail so that you can get into the website member section, but this site allows you to jump right in.


The site is super easy to navigate. The FAQ page will answer most of your questions that have been posted by other folks. There simply is nothing bad to say about this website. Easy to use, great cars and friendly support.



Out of all the auction sites we have tried, GovAuctions has got to be the best we have found. The membership came with a 30 day money back guarantee which made us feel comfortable before purchasing.


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Subscription Price: The membership price for is normally $47.95 but often there are specials that will allow you can get the complete membership package for $39.95. Membership includes access to ten’s of thousands of auctions that include not only cars but tons of other seized property and items. There is also a lot of insider information, like where the auctions are located, dates times etc. that are not normally offered to the general public. You are also provided with tutorials and guides explaining the government auction process! Review



Editors rating review reviews scam govauctions review govauctions reviews
Users' rating review reviews scam govauctions review govauctions reviews
Subscription Price One time fee of $39.50  Normally $49.95
Number of Listings  3000+ auctions updated daily
Geography  Nationwide 
Types of Auctions  Listings to live and online auctions 
Customer Service 

Email 24hrs.  M-F  7:00am-6:00pm PST

Bonuses Yes 
Free Search  Yes 
Auction Tips & Guides  Yes 
Purchase Direct  Yes 
Money Back Guarantee  30 day money back guarantee 

User Feedback


"I'm a member there. They're as legit as they come and have A LOT of listings. I haven't even looked through all of them for my state yet."  Yahoo Answers

"I saved several thousand dollars using gov-auctions. Too many listings to count"

"Great deal for the investment. Can't go wrong" Yahoo Answers

"Bought a membership but haven't really had time to check it out. It does look good though"

"I found gov-auctions really helps with seized vehicle auctions" Squidoo


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