Government Auctions


Government auctions are a great way to get the products you need at a fraction of the cost. Most of these websites sell government surplus materials. That is materials that are not needed anymore by government agencies. In some cases these items have simply outlived their usefulness. In some cases they have simply been replaced by newer higher tech equipment.


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One of the best parts of buying from government auctions is that most of the items have been diligently cared for. Most government agencies stick to a pretty rigorous maintenance schedule, the items are usually in good working condition and in most cases the listing for the item is very honest.


Paid Membership


In many cases joining the website is completely free, but in some cases to join there is a fee involved. The fee will vary from site to site. In almost all cases there is a buyers premium that will be charged once the auction is complete. The cost of the premium will vary but usually will be around two to three percent of the cost of the item.


With paid membership sites customer support is usually much better than it is with the free sites. There are not many other differences, between the paid for sites and the free sites other than the customer service component.




There are a few requirements that will be mandatory on almost all of the government auctions websites. A valid email account is necessary to join any of these types of websites. In most cases you will also have to have a valid credit card or a Pay Pal account. There are some age restrictions as well. In some cases you will have to be eighteen and in other cases you will have to be twenty one.


There will be an agreement that you will have to sign in order to use the website. The agreement will be different but similar on every one of these government auctions websites. The agreement will cover the terms of service and will lay out to you exactly what is expected of you while using the website.


How it Works


The bidding on the websites are usually carried out in similar formats in some cases they are week long events, in other cases the event may only be for a few hours. In many cases the items are sold in lots, especially when it comes to electronics and computer equipment.


There maybe a reserve that has to be met before the bidding can begin. Once the reserve is met with the first bid than the bidding war will begin. A lot of sites offer auto bid options so that you are not tied to your computer.


Typically there will be a certain amount of time that you have to pay for the item that you have won. The number of days will vary but usually it is around three to five days that the payment has to be made.


Government auctions are a great way to get the items that you want and need at a greatly reduced cost.


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