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 - The review shows that this is not your ordinary auction site. This website builds itself as a competitive shopping community where winning bidders have to use “strategy and endurance to win”, it is an interesting concept but does seem like a bit of work. This seems like a legit site but lacks some of the big ticket items that you could find at a site like Auction Resource.



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There is no membership fee for joining the site, but in order to participate in the bidding you have to buy “bid packs”. Bid packs are purchased at the lowest for $15.00. This is more of a game of chance than an auction. The idea is you buy the bids than begin bidding, each bid that is received on the item increases the cost by ten cents and adds an additional 15 seconds to the clock.


The action is fast paced for sure as promised, by it is really, really hard to win a bidding war, and each time you bid you lose the money that you are bidding, so at the very least each auction that you participate in you will have to spend at the very least fifteen dollars, because this is the lowest bid pack that you can purchase.


I hung around the site long enough to see a few auctions ending, there was one for a Target gift card with $50 loaded that sold for $.30 but that seems a bit outlandish I attempted to try to figure out how much each bid actually cost, but could not access the buy the bid pack area because I was not a registered user.


In concept this website is a good idea, but in practice I can see how using this website to bid on items can get expensive, because you are losing your money whether you win or not.


Most of the items that I was able to see, were not really that great to begin with, they were mostly gift cards to stores that are not necessarily stores I shop at, and items that I do necessarily need.


The larger ticket items, were being competed for heavily and I imagine that there are quite a few people that are willing to go the extra mile and bid away. There is a “buy it now” option, where you can opt to pay the full price for the item if you don’t win the bid.  In this case if you opt for the buy it  option and you lose the auction you can still buy the item at full price and you will have your bids returned to your account, this sort of defeats the purpose of going to an auction site in the first place.


The site was laid out ok, it was easy enough to navigate.



Subscription Price: $0 instead you have to purchase bid packs for every auction.


Geography: US only- The items that are listed are delivered only to US addresses.


Number of Items: Less than 200



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Overall, I would say the reviews show this is a viable site and is not a scam.






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