Legit Penny Auctions  


Legit penny auctions are widely available on the web. You can find a slew of legit penny auctions on literally hundreds of sites. There are far more legit penny auctions than there are scam sites. While there are deals to be had at just about any penny auction site, a more popular choice seems to be using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding deals online. 


Penny auctions are a great way to have some fun while you shop. No one likes to think that they are going to be ripped off when they are getting ready to participate in  an auction but there are ways to insure that the site you are getting ready to use. 


Check the Ratings  


There are a lot of sites that will give you the information  you need as to whether the site you are considering is one of the legit penny auctions or not. Certainly you need to take into consideration the source from which the rating comes.  


In some cases people get angry because they lose at the auctions and write bad reviews in the heat of the moment, but there are sites that offer unbiased ratings which are far superior to an angry users rating.  


Legit Penny Auctions Offer: 


The legit penny auctions all seem to offer the same qualities. You know when you are at a legit site when the site is informative. The legit penny auctions all offer information that is comprehensive on how to use the site and in most cases offer some tutorials or tips on winning strategies.  


Legit penny auctions also usually will offer some concrete information about the company that owns the site. Things like a physical address, a phone number and email options all can be found on the legit penny auctions.  


You will also find history of winning auctions, terms of service, comprehensive FAQ pages and other pertinent information about using the site easily.  


Legit penny auctions DO not charge a membership fee! You are already going to fork over cash up front for buying bid packs to bid with you should never have to pay a membership fee up front.  


Legit penny auctions will offer you a way to track your winnings, contact customer service about returns or damaged goods and get speedy answers.  


Good Bets  


Some good bets for legit penny auctions are: 


  • Beezid.com 
  • Bidcactus.com 
  • Ubid.com 
  • Happybidday.com 
  • Formy10cents.com 



There are literally hundreds of legit penny auctions out there finding one that suits your tastes takes only a few minutes of research. The time you spend researching the site you are interested in will ultimately be time well spent. However, you might want to consider using a site like Auctionresource.org for finding deals online. 




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