Online Auto Auction Sites


Online Auto Auction Sites   


Online auto auction sites can provide you with a great opportunity to find automotive vehicles at a great savings. Auto auctions are not a new idea, but using the online venue to conduct those auctions is a relatively new idea. Probably the most popular online auction site is 


Click here for a list of the top online auto auction sites 


Online auto auction sites can be a hit or miss scenario. There are some auction sites that have been in business for a long time like In most cases you are probably better off hitting up a site that has been around for a while.  


How They Work  


Each site is a bit different but for the most part online auto auction sites work in the same manner. Usually you have to start out by registering. Registration requirements will vary from site to site.  


Typically you can expect to have to have a credit or debit card on hand to register. You also have to provide an email address. In some cases you need to pay a good faith deposit before you can start bidding. As a matter of fact in most cases you will need to make some sort of deposit before you can bid. In almost all cases the deposit is one hundred percent refundable if you don’t win at the auction.  


Each site usually has a time limit that you can check out the vehicles. Obviously if you do not live near the place where the vehicle is stored than you will have to pay someone else to take a look for you.  


The bidding takes place usually in a live auction format. Technical problems are usually not considered a problem of the online auto auction sites. This can be a real bummer if you are close to winning and the site hits a glitch.  




Online auto auction sites do not come without risks. It can be a leap of faith for you to bid on something that you actually have not seen in person. It would be for me. Ultimately it can be a great way to get a car or truck and save a huge amount of money. A lot of these types of sites sell off government surplus so the vehicles are in pretty decent condition for the money.  


Click here for a list of the top online auto auction sites 


Online auto auction sites are usually a good bet with most being quite upstanding. Depending on your finances and your ability to take that leap of faith this may be the perfect forum to buy your next vehicle.  








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