Online Car Auctions


Online Car Auctions


Online car auctions have become increasingly popular over the years and it is simply a new way of doing business. For many years the auto auctions that were held were only open to auto dealers. Typically owners of used car lots would attend these auctions to purchase autos that could not be sold on new car lots. These cars were used cars that had been traded in or in some cases repossessed or even seized by the government. Selling them at auctions worked out well for all parties concerned. Of course the public was excluded from this process and they were not able to enjoy the great savings that were involved.


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Online car auctions have brought all this great savings directly to the public. The process to partake in this great way to save is relatively simple and can be enjoyed by anyone that has internet access.



The Process


The process is simple and easy to use in most cases. The websites are dedicated to bringing the best deals to the general public. In most cases joining up to take advantage of the great deals is entirely free.


Once you join the website there are a few different ways that the auctions are conducted. In some cases the auction is conducted by a real time bid situation just like it is done at the old time auction houses. You have to log in at a specific time and place your bids. This is not as common as using an auto bidder to make your deals for you.


In some cases the car is listed with a reserve and the bidding begins at that reserve, the car may be listed for a week or two weeks depending on the owner’s preference. The bidding commences and anyone can bid for the week or the weeks that the item is listed for. Bids are usually made with the auto bidder at predetermined incremental amounts.


Once a winner has been determined you will be notified.



Getting Your Car


Getting your car once you have won requires of course that you pay for the car. In most cases you have only a assort period of time to pay for the car. Typically the time is five days or less.


In most cases you will have to arrange to pick the car up or have it delivered to you.  In order to save money most people will only bid on auctions in their local geographical area, this cuts down on transport costs and makes it much easier to pick up the car that you win in the auction.



Some Warnings


Buyer beware is a good piece of advice. You have to understand that you are buying the car in most cases as is. This means that there maybe some mechanical conditions that you are not aware of. In most cases it is a good deal that you will get for your money at online car auctions, as long as you are willing to take a bit of a risk.


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