Oohilove Reviews – Is Oohilove.com a Scam?


Oohilove Reviews – Is Oohilove.com a Scam?  


 - The Oohilove reviews show that this is a great auction website if you are looking for some designer goods. You can save some major money by shopping for the latest must have purse at Oohilove.com. They also offer the typical gift cards, except these gift cards are for high end department stores, like SAKS and Nordstrom’s. While there are some good deals to be had here, it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you can find at a site like Auction Resource


Of course like any auction site there are some serious down sides. The items initially seem great but when you look a bit closer you realize the gift cards are very low dollar cards when you consider where they are for.  


When I visited there were SAKS and Nordstrom cards, but they were for “up to $50” first off I did not understand how the gift cards could be “up to $50”. That leads me to understand that the cards could be for less than $50. Even $50 at SAKS or Nordstrom’s was not going to get you much. Not such a great deal if you ask me.  



Penny Auctions 


The Oohilove reviews show that this is a penny auction site which means like most penny auction sites you will have to purchase the bids before you actually bid on anything. The bids on Oohilove.com are among the most costly they are $.99 each, which means you lose $.98 each time you bid.  


Oohilove.com offers something called a trunkshow where you can purchase products using “love dollars” which you earn at a rate of $2 per bid you buy. This is a really nice perk that most penny auctions sites do not offer. 


Honestly the $.99 per bid is really high and you can wind up spending a great deal of money in a short period of time and walk away with nothing.  



The Items 


There are plenty of designer items to choose from. Things like hand bags, sun glasses and other couture items. Of course the customary gift cards and bid packs are also available. This is one of those auction sites where either you love the goods or you don’t.  



Other Reviews 


There are tons of reviews on Sitejabber.com some are real positive with people that have won and swear by this website and some of course are negative and you guessed it were written by people that did not win anything on the site.  


It really does come down to perspective as to whether you will love this site or not. There are plenty of opportunities to bid on items. The information is straight forward, no one is hiding any information so it really comes down to whether you can afford to lose some money there and whether you have the time to be diligent about bidding.  



Subscription Price: $0 you have to buy bids 

Geography: Worldwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 


Overall, the Oohilove reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you could find at a site like Auction Resource




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