Quibids Reviews – Is Quibids.com a Scam


Quibids Reviews – Is Quibids.com a Scam? 



 - The Quibids reviews show that this is a penny auction site that looks eerily like Bigdeal.com, my guess is the same company is running both websites. The idea behind the penny auction is that you buy bids instead of bidding with real money. It is a bit confusing, each bid costs $.60 on this particular site but is only worth one penny when you bid. While this appears to be a legit site, it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you could find on a site like Auction Resource.


Of course what attracts most people is that it seems that the items that are being sold are being sold for pennies. In some cases when and if you can win you really will get a deal but the site managers are hoping that you stick around long enough and lose enough bids so that they can make their money.



It’s a Gamble


Like all penny auction sites it is sort of like gambling. It is not quite as clear cut as traditional auctions. It is exciting to bid and watch the timer reset over and over again for some people. For me it is aggravating.



The Offerings


The Quibids reviews show that the offerings were fairly slim. There was an Apple Ipad up for grabs but that war was up to $30 and still ticking along. There were bid packs and some gift cards, but really nothing to write home to mom about.



Site Facts


The website is easy to navigate. There was no contact information other than a web form that you can fill out and could expect a response in around one to two days. The FAQ pages were comprehensive and many of my questions were answered there.





If you believe the testimonials posted on the quibids.com page then everyone absolutely loves this site. If you search the web a bit a different picture starts to evolve. A reviewer at richinwriters.com had to say the following “BEWARE: Quibids tries to cheat you at EVERY turn!!! I ended up learning the hard way that even after you’ve won an auction, they’ll still steal it back from you. If you forget to pay for the item right away (longer than 7 days), they’ll actually cancel the auction! This wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that they still KEEP ALL THE BIDS THAT YOU PUT INTO IT!”.  A whopping 80% of reviewers felt the same way.


While there appears to be some deals to be had according to the Quibids reviews, don’t expect great things to happen, expect to be willing to bid up to 75% of the retail price and be able to walk away when you meet your max bidding ability.



Subscription: $0 you pay for bids.

Geography: Nationwide

Number Of Items: hundreds - mostly bid packs


Overall, the Quibids reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you could find on a site like Auction Resource.




























Live Penny Auctions   


Live penny auctions take the penny auctions up a notch. Penny auctions are exciting and are a great way to save some money on some valuable items. Penny auctions are more than a way to bid on items. They are entertaining! Make sure to read the quibids review to find out if it is a quibids scam. 


Live penny auctions are more exciting because they are live! The action is faster paced! Penny auction lovers will be over the moon about live penny auctions. 


How They Work 


Like typical penny auctions your bids are worth one cent each. You can bid as many bids as you like just like any other penny auction. The difference is that a live penny auction is held in real time. Check out the quibids review to see if quibids is a scam 


The live penny auctions stick to a stricter schedule than the auctions that are being counted down on the clock. The clock can be reset but usually there is a limit to how many times it will be reset. 


Bidding in real time is just more fun! 


New and Improved 


To pull in more bidders the penny auction sites are constantly trying to come up with new ways to bring in some new bidders. Adding the live auction feature is one of those ways they bring in more people.  The quibids.com review shows that this penny auction site is viable and is not a scam according to the quibids review. 


There are quite a few sites that offer the live penny auction feature as an option. Sites like: 









The list is plentiful. There are over one hundred sites that offer live penny auctions. There are a tremendous amount of options. Finding the right situation for you is relatively easy. 


Check Out What is Available 


You can shop for a site that suits your needs. Some things to look for before you start to bid are the types of items that you are looking for. A lot of people make the mistake of bidding just to bid. Find something that you would like to have so that the bidding is worth the effort. 

Check out the past winners to see if maybe one person seems to be prominent and than avoid that person, many times people have more dollars than sense so it is futile butting heads with some people. 


You also want to make sure that the procedure is something that you can live with on your site of choice. Each site has just a little different procedure when it comes to their live auctions. 


Live penny auctions are loads of fun and can be really profitable. Before making any bids, read the quibids review to find out if this is a quibids scam. 




Live Penny Auctions  


Live penny auctions can be a very exciting way to bid on items. It is a great way to kill a few hours. Most penny auction sites offer live penny auctions as an option. Some sites are completely dedicated to live penny auctions and it is the only type that is offered. Read the complete quibids review to find out if this is a quibids scam or not. 


Live penny auctions are like any other type of live auction except it is held online. Typical penny auctions are held where you bid against other bidders and than you are also bidding against the clock that is continually resetting. Live auctions usually have a time limit that is adhered to. 


Where to Find Them 


If you are down for some excitement than you need to find a live penny auction. The action is fast paced and exciting. Finding live penny auctions is only a web search away. There are tons of sites that offer these models of auctions most even offer  you a freebie or two for registering. 


Decide what you are looking for and use that as a filter for your search. Lets say you are in the market for a new flat screen TV use that as a part of your search criteria and in moments you will have lists of penny auctions sites that are offering live auctions for that item. It is as simple as that. You can literally walk away with a flat screen TV in an hour. Read the complete quibids review to find out if this is a quibids.com scam or not. 


Better than the Rest 


Before you get started on your live penny auction journey it is strongly recommended that you cruise around the web and take a look at independent reviews. This will help you get a better idea of what you can expect at the live penny auction sites that you are considering. 


Read as many reviews as  you can stand than use the information that you collect to make your choice. Remember that other peoples opinions are great to consider but they are just guides and you should not wholly base your decision on what some one else thinks. 


Check out the site you plan on using and take a look around. See how other people are doing at the live auctions to get an idea of what kind of strategy they are using and if it is working for them. 


Live penny auction sites are numerous determining which one is best for your needs is a personal choice that  you can make with a little research! 


Read the complete quibids review to find out if this is a quibids scam or not. 







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