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Qxbid.com Review – Is Qxbid a Scam


 - The Qxbid.com review shows several good things about this site. One is that this auction site has no membership fee and listings are also free. The first step is to set up an account with them, upload your items & provide honest descriptions, set the price and soon buyers will start bidding.


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I had a difficulty navigating with their website. All the items are properly categorized which is very good because buyers will easily find the merchandise that they are looking for. However, the site is not informative. Even the "About Us" section is lacking in substance. Buyers and sellers need a strong introduction of the website, something that will motivate them to buy and sell from this online auction site. Strong points of the company should be emphasized and things like “how they differ from other auction sites” should be in their profile. They also don't have a number posted on their homepage. I've read in forums that they do answer back via email but how about for non members? Everyone is a potential client so the site should be able to educate both members and non members. A lot of people would like to know more information regarding a site before they will decide to sign up for an account. This is lacking in their webpage. It could have been better if every important detail is reflected on their site. It will attract potential buyers and sellers in the long run.

Subscription Price: free membership

Number of Listings: no data found in the web

Geography: Global

Types of Auctions:

You can create a link to your personal diary or network camp, submit the stores url to search engines and ethnic networking sites.

Customer Service: No contact number on the homepage but users can contact customer service team by logging in and putting their questions or query.

Bonuses: not applicable

Free search: allows free search

Auction tips and guides: not applicable

Money Back guarantee: not applicable



Publisher Description

QxBid.com is a free Online Auctions Revolution.  Our goal as a free online auction site is to become a highly regarded free marketplace. Join QxBid Online Auction Site today to start buying and saving, or sell in our free listing online auctions.


Customer feedback from other sites:

“It would be nice if the other auction sites take off, but I'm not hopeful.  eBay has a virtual monopoly and it's very difficult for other sites to compete, mostly because potential buyers go to eBay before (if ever) visiting other sites.  The good thing about QxBid is that I can keep items in the store for a long time.  Eventually, someone who wants a card might stumble across the site.  If nothing sells, at least I'm out only the time it took to list everything (which wasn't much, considering I copied my eBay auctions, html and all, over to QxBid”   theyakshack.co.uk

“QxBid.com seems Free auction site, I am thinking to register there” Yahoo Answers


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Overall, the Qxbid.com review shows that this is a decent site and is not a scam.





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