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 - The review shows that this auction site was a bit different from the other sites I had visited while looking for an auction website. This website offers no monthly fees and there was $0 cost to join, however, there is a Bidders Premium of 10% that is charged. One of the features that I liked is the ability to browse the site without having to join it. While this seems like a legit site, it lacks some of the big ticket items that you can find at Auction Resource.



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The site is easy to navigate. They have many different items listed that has gone to auction. Most of the items being auctioned off are surplus items.


There are a few things I do not like about the site. The bidders premium has to be paid whether you win or lose on the item. There is also a 10% restocking fee if you are not happy with the item. This 10% restocking fee, plus the 10% Bidders Premium can really add up and you could wind up losing a couple of hundred dollars in the process.


I did like the information that was put on the contact us page, it gave the address and telephone number of the company plus email contact information as well. This in my opinion gives validity to the website. I also liked the idea of being able to browse around and take a look at things, although when I visited they did not seem to have much in the way of items for auction. The majority of the items listed were in the “Art” category with 224 items listed. The second largest category was “coins and paper money” at 133 and the third largest category was “jewelry and watches” at 88 items. I guess if you were looking specifically for items in these categories than this would be a great website, but I was really looking for a car auction site more than I was looking for art.


I did click on the art auctions just to get a feel for the site and was actually quite impressed with the offerings, of course most of it was completely out of my price range, but nice nonetheless.


This is a great website if you are interested in art or other classic collectibles, like stamps and currency. If you are looking for a car, well there are none, so this is not the site for you.


The cost of the Bidders Premium is a bit high, because as I was browsing the auctions I noticed that some of the bids had easily hit the $2000 mark, so if you are dropping ten percent on top of that well than you will be out another $200 and if you get your item and are not so crazy about it and want to return it, you are out your shipping costs, your 10% Bidders Premium and another $200 for the 10% restocking fee. You can potentially be out roughly $500 and really have nothing at all to show for it.



Subscription Price: $0 but the Bidders Premium is 10%

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Around 400




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Overall, the review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam.






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