review seizedcarcenter scam Review – Is Seized Car Center a Scam? 

 - The review shows that this auction site is very similar compared to others that are available. The membership is $69 a year and for that membership you get a bunch of lists of auctions that are going on. The lists that you are buying give you the location of the auction and the dates and times. Seems like a legit site but not as good as Auction Resource.


The other information that is included in your membership package at is a brief list of tips and tricks on how to be successful at the auctions. There are also a few links to credit repair websites.


This website is simply a website that is selling lists. There is no bidding done here, there is no inventory held here, and there is no type of support here that I could find. 



Some of the “members” at talked about how they flew to an auction!! I thought “that’s nuts and expensive”. I can’t imagine flying half way across the country to attend an auction that I may or may not walk away with anything from. Paying $69 which by the way was the discounted “special” rate for this month, it is usually $110 to buy lists of auction sites, that may or may not be accurate, this is listed in their disclosure statement.


I was a little disappointed because I expected to be able to bid on the site, or at least see the cars that were up for bid in my area.  I think that the site can be improved if there was some sort of discount offered to members at the auctions, or if there was some type of preference given to the members at the auction.


All things considered, I would say that is a viable site and is not a scam. The list to auctions they provide are legit and can be a time saver for those who do not want to spend the time searching themselves.



Subscription Price: $110 normally, $69 at the current promotional rate.

Number Of Listings: None – Provide listings to auctions

Geography: Nationwide and Canada



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Overall, the reviews shows that this is a decent site and is not a scam, however there are better alternatives available.





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