Ubid Review – Is Ubid.com a Scam


Ubid Review – Is Ubid.com a Scam?


 - The Ubid review shows one unique feature of uBid from other auction sites is that they don't rely much on their members to post products and commodities. Excess inventory items from warehouse, manufacturers, distributors or resellers are also posted on the website. While you are assured that the products are legitimated and of high quality since they are from the manufacturers, the downside is you may have difficulty in finding cheap merchandise.


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Just like most of the auction sites, uBid buyers don't have membership fee. For the sellers, they need to register before they can post their products.

The website is very helpful. Almost all the information regarding buying and selling, the fees and the method of payments are all included in their site. You also have a lot of options in getting in touch with their customer service team through their landline, email or office address.

Subscription Price: Registration is free

Number of Listings: average of 10,000

Geography: National

Types of Auctions:

·        Traditional style auctions where there is a starting price and buyers will bid for the product.

·        Dutch auctions which mean that the seller has multiple of the same item to sell and the buyer bids for how many they want. Winners are determined by quantity and price offered.

Customer Service: 

·        Customer Care phone representatives: 1-866- WIN-UBID (1-866-946-8243)

·        Customer Care is available from 9:00am to 4:00pm CST Monday through Friday. Customer Care will be closed on the following holidays.

Bonuses: Not applicable

Free search: There is no advanced search function, though you can go directly to an item by typing in the designated auction number, if you know it.

Auction tips and guides: Not applicable

Money Back guarantee:

If the product page specifically states "No Returns or Refunds", then all sales are final.


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Publisher Description

UBid.com is your inside connection to excess inventory from the world's most trusted brands. Even the best products don't always sell out in stores, so when our trusted selling partners have excess inventory they sell it with us at prices far below retail. uBid.com is a subsidiary of publicly traded Enable Holdings, Inc. (ENAB).


Customer feedback from other sites:

“I purchased an item, a gps receiver, from U-Bid, only to find out that the charge for shipping and handling was $99.00. I sent a message to U-Bid to inquire whether this was a typo or if there was another reason for such an off the chart charge. I have never heard back from them. Otherwise dealings with U-Bid have been very efficient and smooth” : www0.epinions.com

“I never get an answer to my emails.Be very careful with shipping which is always very high. Always check the used computers some are off lease in are not covered.Ubid is a site to stay away from.Also read other reviews on the net of UBid”  Yahoo Answers

I have bought computers, printers, monitors, electronics, and jewelry from uBid, over a five year period and service has always been reliable, on time, and as promised.  www0.epinions.com


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Overall, the Ubid.com review shows that this is a decent site and is not a scam.







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