Ubid Reviews – Is Ubid.com a Scam


Ubid Reviews – Is Ubid.com a Scam?  


 - The Ubid.com review shows that this is a growing auction site. Ubid.com is a unique website because it is not a place to post products they do not sell members products they sell only brand new in the box merchandise. Ubid.com strictly sells items from registered businesses and affiliated manufacturers. This is a good way to insure that you are getting good quality unused items. While there are deals to be had on this site, AuctionResource.org is still the most popular option for big ticket items. 


Ubid.com is also unique in that they offer a Ubuyit option. You can purchase any item at below retail cost without having to bid on the item. 




Most items are available in multiples this is good news for the bidder because they can bid on more than one of the same items. This increases your chances that you will win the item that you are bidding on! 




There is no registration fee you simply provide some basic information to set up your account and you can start bidding immediately. 


You can not sell on Ubid.com unless you are a registered business. 




This website is user friendly and navigation is easy. There is a FAQ page that is comprehensive and offers plenty of information. There is step by step directions on how to bid.  There is also a tutorial available at the top of the page titled “how to” which is also easy to use and informative. 


Returns and Shipping 


There is a liberal return policy for un opened items. You do want to be sure that you read through all the policies just to be sure you understand them. 


I could not find a phone number the physical address is located at the very bottom of the landing page. I could not find any way of contacting the owners other than a form that asked you to click on the reason for your contact and it looked oddly like an Ebay contact form. I don't like having to use forms online to contact people I do business with. I like phone numbers. 




There are a lot of positive reviews for this website. For example at ureview.com “ ubids.com is a great website! I prefer to Ebay” 


Another reviewer on the same site “ubid.com is great because you are able to buy in the box new straight from the manufacturer.” 


Most people that took the time to review the site were in agreement that this was a great site to use. 


This website is getting a lot of positive buzz as an alternative to Ebay it is not a scam by any means. The items are great and it seems like it would be very easy to use. I don't like that there is no phone number posted to ask questions but this is clearly not a start up site. 


This site is a good bet to find new items that you may be shopping for. The registration is free so why not take a look around you have nothing to lose. 


Subscription: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


Overall, the Ubid.com review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as AuctionResource.org.  





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