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 - This review shows another online auction site that is very similar to many others that are available. This seems like a legit site but lacks some big ticket items compared to Auction Resource.



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My first order of business is always to look for the Contact Us tab, they did have a tab and it was informative. It contained the physical address of the company and a phone number and email, so that was good. I like having real contact information it is reassuring.


I looked for a FAQ tab but could not find one, I clicked on the membership link and found that the FAQ’s had been buried here, not a good choice as far as I am concerned. I want to know up front what is going on. They are offering a seven day trial period for $1, to the left of the registration information page, there is small print that advises once you click submit you are agreeing to be a member at a charge of $38.95 per month! That is a bit steep for my liking.


Of course the little print also advised that you can cancel your membership if you so choose before the seven day $1 period is up, which is a positive thing in my book.


There is a testimonials page, but not much more information is offered I would guess until you start your $1 7 day trial period.  I did not like that I would have to agree to anything to take a look around, because honestly the way the site is set up there did not seem to be too much depth to it in the first place.


I like the idea of the $1 7 day free trial, but I am a bit of a slacker so I do not know if it would work for me, but if you were set on finding an auction in the up coming week, and you were able to get all that you could out of the site in 7 days, than it might work out well, as long as canceling the subscription at any time is as easy as they claim it is.


The Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions were not easily accessible but I did find the tab way at the bottom of the page. The Terms explicitly state that some areas are not fee based and some areas are fee based, but once you cancel your membership you can not access any of the areas, which confused me a bit, if the area is free than why can’t you access the area if you are not paying?

The main drawback is the higher than average monthly fee. I prefer something with a one time fee such as



Subscription Price: $38.95 per month

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Unknown


Click Here to View the #1 Rated Auction Site


The review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam.




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