Wavee Reviews – Is Wavee.com a Scam


Wavee Reviews – Is Wavee.com a Scam?  


 - The Wavee reviews show that this is a US based penny auction site. You have to register to participate in the action and you have to buy credits. The credits are $.75 each but are only worth $.01-$.05 at the auction. While this appears to be a legit site, it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you could find at a site like Auction Resource


There are a lot of folks that are penny auction devotees and find the action stimulating. There are a lot of folks that find the action stimulating and walk away empty handed time and time again.  


There are e books dedicated to telling you how to succeed at the penny auction. From what I can see there really is no secret to success other than a willingness to bid often and spend a lot of money to do it.  



The Costs  


The Wavee reviews show, like other penny auction sites, can get expensive rather quickly. You get caught up in the auction and keep bidding long past the point of realizing the huge discounts that you are thinking you are getting.  


Like all the other penny auction sites, once you buy the bids they are yours, period! You are basically spending money to gamble on the fact that you may win. Unlike other auctions in the traditional manner if you lose you really don’t lose anything, you simply walk away empty handed. At Wavee.com and other penny auction sites you are investing in the item and when you lose you are helping the company to realize the profits and sharing the cost with the winner for the item.  


The Wavee reviews show that this site does offer a bid to buy option. Any auction that has a green light symbol means that you can use your bids to apply to the purchase price of the item if you so choose. This is a nice feature because if it is an item that you know you already were going to buy, you have the chance to win it at auction first which can save some money and if you don’t win you can just buy it anyway.  



The Website  


This is an easy to navigate website it is user friendly. The contact us information offers a physical address, a toll free phone number and a web form.  


The website is well laid out. If you like penny auctions this may be a great site to try, especially because it offers the buy it now feature. As long as you have what you want in mind and know what the retail value of it is you might as well go ahead and give it a try.  



Subscription: $0 you pay for bids.  

Geography: Nationwide 

Number Of Items: hundreds  


Overall, the Wavee reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you could find at a site like Auction Resource.



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