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Webidz Review – Is Webedz a Scam?


 - The Webidz review shows that WeBidz was launched in 2005, and is owned by Sage Fox Inc. WeBidz.com is very similar to eBay auction site. Their collections include antiques, books, collectibles, clothing, crafts, games, electronics, trading cards, home and garden items, movies and other items that are sold at a very low price! There are no registration fees for buyers. However, for sellers, there is a $5 verification fee before you are allowed to list your items.


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I find the website very organize when it comes to the products. You can find all the categories and listings on the homepage. All their auctions include the description of the product, the bidding process, payment method and price of shipping.

The downside of this auction site is that information regarding buying/selling of goods and their policies are hard to find. They have a FAQ data base but are very limited and not user friendly.

You can have the support of their customer service team but you need to log in (that means you have to be a member) and create a ticket for your query. It will be better if they have a number posted on the website so clients can easily reach even if they are not member yet.

Subscription Price: No fees for stores, no final sales fees and no monthly subscription fees. For sellers, there is a one time verification fee of $5.00, which is required before listing items.

Number of Listings: 102,765 listings

Geography: National


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Types of Auctions:

WeBidz allows sellers to place only certain types of links within an item description. A link is any mechanism used to take a member off of the WeBidz site, whether static or clickable. This applies to any format used for a link that includes but is not limited to, text, images, logos or icons.

 Permitted links include:

·        One link to a page that further describes the item being sold in that listing

·        One link to your email address that opens an email client for potential buyers to ask questions about the item in that listing

·        Links to photos of the item for sale

·        Links to your WeBidz store

·        Links to your about me page

Non-permitted links include, but are not limited to:

·       Links to websites or pages that offer to trade, sell or purchase goods or services outside of WeBidz. This applies whether it is a static URL or an active link.

·       Links that encourage buyers to place their WeBidz bids through a site other than WeBidz

·       Links or other connections to live chat or other messaging systems

·       Links to subscribe to newsletters or mailing lists

Customer Service:  no toll free number listed on the site but members can contact them by logging in and submitting a ticket

Bonuses: Not applicable

Free search: You can search for a particular product by various options such as keyword, category, user, location, store or bidder for free.

Auction tips and guides: Not applicable

Money Back guarantee: Not applicable

Publisher Description

Welcome to WeBidz Auctions, the Other Auction Site. We would like to thank all our members for supporting our online auction site, thus providing the rapid growth that our site has been receiving. The online auction community needs to take a stand against eBay, by supporting alternative auction sites such as ours and other free listing online auction sites. With the continued support of our auction sellers and buyers, we can make buying and selling in online auctions fun and affordable once again. Our goal as a free online auction site is not only to become an eBay alternative, but to become a highly regarded online auctions marketplace. Join WeBidz Online Auction Site today to start buying and saving, or sell in our free listing online auctions. You have nothing to lose, join our online auctions community today.


Customer feedback from other sites:

“I think this site is great, and possibly could be a contender to eBay. I have been selling and buying on this site for only a couple months, and I am already very happy with my sales and customer service” xomreviews.com

“No one auction website can ensure all listings are true. before you decide to bid , you need to view feedback of seller carefully” Yahoo Answers


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Overall, the Webidz review shows this to be a viable site and is probably not a scam.





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