Webstore.com Reviews – Is Webstore a Scam


Webstore.com Reviews – Is Webstore a Scam?   


 - The Webstore.com reviews show that this site is tooted as an online marketplace without any buyers or sellers fees. Evidently the website depends on sponsors for their revenue so you are not charged any fees. This is a great idea! Of course you have to deal with a lot of ads but in the end it may be worth it. There are deals to be had here but not as many as you can find on a site like Auctionresource.org.


The website inventory is rather impressive with items numbering in the thousands. This seems to be a growing community. Perhaps people are sick and tired of paying high fees to both buy and sell and are looking for a better model.


This is an award winning site and claims the Silver Award for 2011 as the number two top ranking sites among sellers and the Autobytes award also for the second ranking website for sellers.


This is an innovative website that is actually a contender to move Ebay off it's pedestal.




There is a host of categories to choose from. Everything from Antiques and Wholesale items. There are thousands of items available. The pricing is not great but they are not over the top high.


The auctions for the items seem to be straightforward.


What Other People Say


At salehoo.com “If you are a seller this is a great place to open a store. If you are a buyer you need to be careful people use this site to scam people.”


At the same site “ This site has been online 1996 so I think that this site is probably legit.”


There is surprisingly not a lot of information available online about this site.


Site Information


This site is easy to use! The site is well laid out and both buyers and sellers can rate each other. The web owners do recommend the use of Paypal or Google checkout for online payments. Buyers or sellers that are consistently rated negatively are suspended from the site. This is a nice feature that is used to insure community security.


I take a bit of issue with the contact us information. The only way to contact the web owners is through online mediums. I like phone numbers and addresses.


Things I Like


The most likable thing about this site is that I do not have to pay for it. It makes me happy not to have to pay to register for something. I also like that I can open a store for free!


I like the idea of a community of buyers and sellers not paying a fee.


Things I Don't Like


Frankly there was nothing about this site that I did not like except that I could not contact anyone personally. I like personal interaction.


Some folks out there commented on the advertising. This did not bother me because I feel like saving money on fees is well worth dealing with the ads.




This site is worth a look see. You may find just what you are looking for and you may be able to open that store that you have been wanting to open.


Great site and the price is right!


Subscription: $0

Number of Items: Thousands

Geographical Location: Nationwide


Overall, the Webstore.com reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam however not as popular as Auctionresource.org.






































Top Penny Auction Sites  


The top penny auction sites offer you the best deals. You can find top penny auction sites all over the web. There are certain attributes that make the top penny auction sites stand out from the rest. Before bidding at a penny auction site, you should check out the webstore.com reviews to see if webstore scam.  


Penny auction sites have really cropped up the last few years all over the place. Some of the sites are around for the long haul while some frankly fizzle out rather quickly. The ones that manage to stay around for awhile make it to the top when consumers are happy with their service.  


The Most Important Element 


People are down right shocked to find that it is not the winning that makes a site one of the top penny auction sites. You would think that winning plays a huge roll in how a site is rated it does play a roll but that roll is not as big as you would think. Read the complete webstore.com reviews to see if webstore.com is a scam.  


The most important factor when a penny auction site is rated is the customer service. People want to feel like customer service is supportive and that they are concerned about the customers satisfaction. So the top sites got to the top by providing excellence in customer care.  


Next on the List 


After customer care the next huge rating factor is stock. What the site has to offer up for auction really affects the way the consumer perceive the penny auction site. A site that offers high end items in abundance has a far better chance of making it on the top penny auction sites list.  


Here are Some that Made It to the Top 


If you want to see what top penny auction sites look like than cruise over to these sites for an easy view. 


·         Beezid.com 

·         Quibids.com 

·         Bidhere.com 

·         Bidcactus.com 

·         Mypennysworth.com 

·         Happybidday.com 



These are just a few top sites there are literally hundreds to choose from.  


Should You Go To the Top Sites  


Going to the top sites are a good bet. You can find great deals and know that you are in a good place to have some fun. The top penny auction sites do not guarantee that you will win but you do have a better chance of winning because the site is more honest. The webstore.com reviews show that it is a viable site and is not a scam.  


Visit one of the top sites and have a great time bidding. The top penny auction sites are a great forum to have some fun and to save some money!  


Read the complete webstore.com reviews here to find out if it is a webstore.com scam.  









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