Zbiddy.com Review – Is Zbiddy.com a Scam


Zbiddy.com Review – Is Zbiddy.com a Scam?  


The Zbiddy.com review shows that this is a penny auction site, for those that are not in the know is considered entertainment shopping. It is entertainment shopping because it is kind of like a game of chance. 


You have to buy your bids up front before you ever even find the item you would like to bid on. On the upside of things if you are lucky enough and persistent enough you could literally save hundreds of dollars on electronics and other goods. While I feel there are deals to be had at just about any penny auction site, I still prefer using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding deals online. 


The Cost 


The Zbiddy.com reviews show that this site charges sixty cents per bid. Each bid is worth one cent. The lowest bid pack price is $13.50. The $.60 per bid is just about industry standard and is considered a fair price. You lose fifty nine cents each time you make a bid. 


Bids are none refundable once you use them you lose them. 




Registration is free. You also do not get any free bids on this site. There are over 300 penny auction sites many of them offer free bids for signing up. I think it encourages people to sign up if they have something to use when they initially register to get a feel for things and they do not immediately have to put money out of their pocket. 


Things I Liked About This Site 


I liked that there is a chat feature where you can connect to an agent and get your questions answered. I also like their “tips” section it provided some sound advice for the new people that may have never visited a penny auction site. There is also a toll free number posted that you can also use to contact and agent. I like that! 


I also thought that the inventory was sufficient. When I say sufficient what I mean is that there were enough items that were high end to catch my eye. Most penny auction sites really focus on gift cards and other low end items. 


This is a pretty decent site, although I do wish they would offer some free bids for registering. It was easy to use and navigate around and I felt confident that this site was legit. It would be a good site to visit if you were so inclined to participate in the penny auctions! 


Subscription Price: Free 

Number of Items: hundreds 

Geography: nationwide 


Overall, the Zbiddy.com reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding deals online. 








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