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Buying a car at one of the online auto auctions is a great way to save money as long as you understand that you might be buying something sight unseen. Theses types of websites have literally popped up all over the web. They have cropped up to meet the demand of the consumers that participate in the online auto auctions.


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These websites cater to folks that are in need of finding an auto that they can purchase for way below retail. Using these great sites you can expect to save anywhere from 30% to 75% off of retail.


How It Works


Some sites are free and some sites you have to pay to become a member of. The membership fee if there is one will range anywhere from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. The idea is that you have to become a member of the site to be able to take advantage of the deals that are offered.


Your membership on the online auto auctions usually will cover the ability to browse and bid the autos that are listed on the website. The prices will vary and will largely be influenced by the make, model and year of the auto.


Joining up usually requires a valid email address and if there is a fee involved for joining up than you will also need a valid credit card. The process of becoming a member is usually a matter of filling out a short form with some general information on it, like your name, address and contact information.


Once your account is validated by you responding to an email that is sent to you from the website, you are ready to start looking around and making bids.


Some Tips


One of the best things you can do as a new bidder is to take some time to learn the process. The best way to learn the process is to watch the process. Take your time snooping around to see how the process works and review successful strategies so that you do not waste your time taking approaches that do not work.


Many successful bidders use the auto bid feature that is available on most of the online auto auctions sites. Using an auto bidder gives you the advantage of bidding while you are away from the computer. You can set your high bid using the auto bidder and the auto bidder will do all the work for you.


Carefully check the auction listing to see if there is a reserve that has too be met. The reserve is the minimum amount of money that you can bid for the auto. Sometimes the reserve may be much higher than you would expect.


It is also important that you recognize other aspects of the purchase should you win the auction, things like, getting the vehicle from where ever it is to you, and what it really means to buy a vehicle as is has to also be considered. Read the listings carefully so that you fully understand the offering.



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Are There Any Other Good Auction Sites BESIDES Ebay? 


Ebay no doubt in the industry leader in auction sites. It has been around the longest and through experience has perfected the auction model to sell items. A lot of people gripe about Ebay practices like having to many restrictions or paying too many fees. 


Ebay has long ago moved away from being a true auction site most people visit ebay and use the buy it now option about half the time. 


People are constantly trying to build a better more popular model. There have been many sites that have popped up to compete with Ebay. Some have done well most have not but there are always options. When you are checking out these other auction sites keep an open mind you never know what you may find. has been in the auction business online since 1999. The company has seen steady growth since its inception. This site is a reputable site that offers clear options to the Ebay merry go round. A great option for power sellers is the ability to transport your seller ratings with you. Typically an hour or so after you register you are able to import your information from Ebay. This is a great feature that keeps you from having to start from scratch. 


This is a completely free site that is not really an auction site but more of a sales forum. It is easy an ideal venue for sellers, instead of listing as an auction option you can list it as for “Best Offer”. Since the site is completely free you have nothing to lose. is a relatively small site when compared to Ebay and other larger sites, but being smaller does not mean not being able to keep up. You can also use to transfer your ratings to from 


Now Etsy is a marketplace but it is a huge marketplace online that has gained national attention. There is a fee structure to sell on etsy but the fees are super reasonable. This is a great place to shop again not an auction site but easily can replace Ebay as your favorite go to place. is an auction website that does charge a fee but the fee is minimal and it is a great site to use. It is less of a hassle than is to use and is great for both first time buyers and sellers. 


Probably the favorite out of all the sites that have been reviewed. While this is a paid service, buyers are reporting some amazing deals. 


The World Wide Web is known as such because it covers the entire world and all it has to offer! Don't narrow your opportunities by thinking Ebay only! 


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